This Racist Girl Was Taught A Lesson She’ll Never Forget From Guys All Over The Internet

Sometimes, living in a progressive, first-world country, I forget that the world is chock-full of Neanderthals. Take, for example, Twitter user Kelsey Reynolds, who decided to put this absolutely forward-thinking tweet together for the internet:

The tweets from sweet, sweet Kelsey
sweet Kelsey

Hold onto your seats
Hold onto your seats, folks, because it’s about to get rough for Kelsey. Sure, bullying (especially on the internet) is not something to be encouraged, but if you’re using the web to post some racist commentary…well, you have something else coming. Here comes the trolling.

“We sincerely admire your graciousness”

Feel the burn.
Feel the burn

That moment when you get an Islamic burn…
Islamic burn


Racist Girl

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