This proves that men and women are not on the same platform

It’s very truly said that men and women are completely different in everything.

Their style of doing anything, their behaviors, their understandings are completely different from each other’s.

Well, we are saying this because today we have brought for you few amazing pictures, which explain that men are women are completely different.

Have a look:

  1. Both have different angles of seeing mirrors1
  2. When they both go to parlors2
  3. Taste of opting colors3
  4. While picking shampoo in market4
  5. After breakup situation5
  6. On social network6
  7. While packing their suitcase7
  8. Getting ready for going out8
  9. Sharing of bed while sleeping together9
  10. Both getting ready for work10
  11. Dresses11
  12. Going to toilet12
  13. Both’s table vs their computer screen13

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