This pregnant woman is addicted to eating soap

Pregnant women get all sorts of mood swings and cravings to do stuff, visit places or eat something in humongous amounts. This particular pregnant woman, however, didn’t want to eat a dozen buckets of ice cream per day – she just wanted to eat soap. Lots and lots of soap.

Meet Jess Gayford – the woman, who’s addicted to eating soap. Jess is from Bristol, UK, and she’s in her eight month of pregnancy. The 26 year old woman woke up one day and simply felt the need to lick a soap bar – not just any soap bar, but one of Dove’s products. Instead of searching for some common sense, Jess just bought herself some soap and started licking it. Surprisingly enough, she didn’t feel disgusted by its taste, so she kept going on and on. In fact, she liked it so much that she’s currently addicted to eating soap!

Nowadays the eight month pregnant woman regularly eats a bar of some or some liquid sanitizer for a snack. And as if all of this doesn’t sound shocking enough, it turns out that the woman’s unnatural diet actually doesn’t affect her unborn baby. Lee Trimby, the father of the child, was worried sick when he saw what his partner and the future mother of his kid was doing. However, once the couple was told that the soap won’t affect the baby’s health, Lee and Jess eased up.

According to experts, nutrient deficiencies are the main reason (alongside hormonal changes, of course) pregnant women feel all sorts of cravings towards food. However, Jess’ case is still extremely rare and striking, because, after all, soap can’t really be categorized as food or a nutrient.

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