This man was once homeless, now a proud owner of Café

The journey of Amin Sheikh from a homeless kid to a driver to a cafe owner is something we can say ‘inspiring’.

#1 Amin Sheikh, born in Mumbai and was working at a local tea stall at the age of just five.

#2 One day, he met with an accident and all his ‘tea cups’ got broken.

#3 Rather than running to his abusive parents, he ran away and stayed at a railway station.

#4 After few days, Sister Serafina approached him and offered him to stay in her shelter for the homeless kids.

#5 He stayed at the shelter around 10 years and then he got a job as a driver at Mr. Eustace.

#6 After working years and saving money, he opened a car rental service under Mr. Eustace.

#7 He started getting success.

#8 And finally he opened his own café.

#9 He says “coffee should be for everyone, and that’s why I have opened this café”.


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