This is why you should not wear bra while sleeping in night

On the question of wearing bra at night – all women have their own opinion. Some prefer to wear, on the other hand some not.

But what in reality good for the health.

Well, according to some research – wearing a soft bra at night is good but if you wear a tight, underwire bra then you need to change your way.

There are several disadvantages of sleeping wearing bra, and some of them are –

  1. Block blood circulations – wearing tight bra at night may cause hindrance in blood circulation which eventually is not good.
  2. Sleep disturbance – the most common is getting very disturb sleep.
  3. Skin irritation – wearing a tight bra may cause skin irritation and may even cause rashes in some cases
  4. Sweating – sleeping wearing bra may cause more sweating than normal
  5. Cancer – well the most disturbing thing, some researchers have found that sleeping wearing a very tight bra increases the change of breast cancer.
  6. Formation of lumps – Non cancerous lumps may form due to these tight bras

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