This is what friends found when they broke into Michael Jackson’s home

Michael Jackson was truly a very best singer and dancer of his time. But he apart from the fame, also was in news for several accusations.

Well, we are not talking about his accusations or his fame. We are here to show what a group of four friends found when they broke into his home, Neverland Ranch, in which he moved in the year 1988.

Let us look what the four people found inside the house:

#1 A painting in which Michael Jackson could be seen leading bunch to kids holding their hands



#2 Few scary magazines and also statues


#3 The disturbing or you can say weird ‘interior designs’


#4 Neverland had also a personal zoo


#5 Few not working bumper cars in the amusement parks


#6 A portrait of Michael Jackson as a Alien


#7 Some more creepy statues


#8 A huge wrist watch


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