This is How You Can Hide Dumb Default iPhone Apps

If you are iPhone user then you would know, what the title says and why it is so irritating.

Well, today we have brought a trick by which you can hide the default iPhone apps which you don’t want in your phone.

Let’s get started:

#1 First thing, this trick works only on those iPhones which run on IOS 9 or latest.

#2 Put your every apps (which you want to hide) in a folder.

#3 Now select (by loger tapping) any apps from the folder and drag it to next page (second page) in the folder itself.

#4 Well, now again repeat the process and drag the app to next page (third page).

#5 Now when you are on third page, again select the app and press the home button.

#6 The app is no longer visible.

#7 However, if you search the app, if will show up. And it will come back live, once you reboot the phone.


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