This drunk driver trying to fool the officer with breath analyzer is really hilarious

We all should follow the traffic rules, because every rules are made for our own safety.

But this drunk driver was not in mood to follow the rules and even not in mood to co-operate with officers.

#1 Actually, Shenzhen City police in suspicion of drunk driving, stopped this man.

#2 Officer asked him to blow into the breathalyzer.

#3 He tried to fool the officers by just acting of blowing into breathalyzer.

#4 After several failed attempts, police officer explained him how to blow into.

#5 He finally understood that there was no option available rather blowing correctly.

#6 He at last blew the breathalyzer and was found guilty.

#7 The machine reading revealed 191 mg of alcohol per 100 mg of blood, which was too high than the country’s limit.



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