This Cuban Girl Is Way Hotter Than Kim Kardashian Herself

While people all over the world are crazy about Kim Kardashian‘s booty and further since many women are getting surgeries done to make their buttocks like those of Kim Kardashian’s, Cuba has got something that might not just stir the world, but also does stir Kim Kardashian herself. The feud between America and Cuba has now entered the booty business too, and 21-year-old Kathy Ferreiro, who happens to be Cuba’s answer to Kim Kardashian, is way, way, way hotter than Kim K herself!

Here we take a look at this Cuban hottie who, we believe, might make some headlines in 2016!

Currently based in Miami, the 21-year-old Kathy Ferreiro has got the oomph factor that might get Mrs. Kardashian-West worrying.
Kathy Ferreiro

And being 13 years younger to Kim Kardashian clearly gives the Cuban more edge.

She is a cosmetics distributor by profession.
cosmetics distributor

And boasts a total of 1.4 million followers on Instagram.
million followers

And if booty is one thing we consider to compare these two hotties, Kathy clearly has a better one.
compare these two hotties

The best thing, her buttocks are one hundred percent natural.
hundred percent natural

She is craving some international attention and we believe this year might be what she is anticipating it to be!
international attention

Kim Kardashian

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