Things you might have not known about Danica Patrick

Are you a big fan of Danica Patrick? Well, you might have not known about her that she drives car crazier than her racer boyfriend. During the time, she is being suited for a bog face, she controls her car greatly but while going to market in civilian car, she becomes impatient.



She herself said that during car driving, she becomes physically anxious. If she gets her hands on the steering wheel, she just needs them for speed and nothing else. She becomes frustrated when she sees open road in front of the car that is in front of her. She just want people to move when they get road free in front of them.

When it comes upon driving off the track, she becomes more furious than her racer boyfriend, Ricky Stenhouse. Of course, she is the NASCAR’s female face but there is nothing feminine about her attitude of driving car. Another shocking thing to know about her is that guys did not approach her when she was single. She said in joke that I am intimidating, that’s why nobody liked to talk to me. Further she adds that she loves to be a role model and being different. Its really cool to feel special.

danica patrick car racer

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