Things Flight Attendants never tell to their passengers

If you are a frequent flier, you may be aware of many things which we are writing today.

But wait, there are still few things which flight attendants don’t usually say to their passengers.

Well, a flight attendant has revealed some of them:

#1 The most unhygienic thing on the plane is safety seat belts and tray tables.

#2 To maintain the grip, planes need to land little harder than usual during rainy seasons.

#3 No need to afraid of lightning, because planes are designed to handle this situation.

#4 Turbulence isn’t dangerous as all planes are designed to ‘tackle’ turbulence.

#5 Flying when you have ‘cold’ isn’t good idea. It can damage your ears drums and you may lose your hearing.

#6 If you have air sickness, taking some kind of medicine won’t help.


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