They went for jogging and now they are fighting for her life in hospital

Dog attack is very normal but sometimes it could lead to severe results. Well, that’s what happened with the two cousins, who had gone for jogging but rather coming back to home safely, they were transferred to hospital and both of them are currently struggling for their life.


#1 Meet two cousins Isabella George and Rebekah Forgey

#2 They both had gone for jogging


#3 One moment while jogging, they noticed that four pit bulls were chasing her.

#4 They initially stood still, but soon they realized that they were not stopping.


#5 They started to run to save themselves.

#6 But eventually they were caught but the dogs.


#7 Dogs ripped them both badly.

#8 They both were saved by a passerby who when saw the scene, drove her car into the field where dogs were ripping them.


#9 They both were then taken to hospital, where they are still fighting for their life.

We hope, they both will get well soon.


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