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These things you should avoid doing on Facebook


According to Facebook, hundreds of users get blocked daily and reason why they get blocked is very simple – they do something which is against their policy.

But there are something else as well, which don’t force Facebook to block them but they are enough to irritate other users.

Here are the list of things which irritate other users:

#1 Over posting – people get irritated if you post the same thing continuously

#2 Over sharing – just like over posting, if you do over sharing then also people get irritated

#3 Copied Content – If you are the one who just copy from others, then mate this won’t increase your hits, mind it.

#4 Over tagging – if you just tag your hundreds of friends to get like over photos then this ultimately irritate them.

#5 Asking manually to like or comment on photo or status – well, if you think this make you cool, then you need to understand that no body, I repeat no body is interested in your status or photo. If they are, you will get like or comment automatically.

#6 Sending Candy Crush Request – Ha ha! Don’t ever send candy crush request, at least to those who don’t play. This is completely irritating

#7 Fliting with girls – Yes, this doesn’t make you cool. So stop it.

#8 Making someone’s fun – No explanation, Just don’t do. It’s not cool. It may hurt someone.