These six facts about human brain is something you must know

Our brain is the main part of the body, without it, we cant even sleep, walk or think.

And today we have brought few amazing facts about this brain.

Lets get started:

#1 Human Brain is the only part of body which lacks Nerves and that because it feels no pain.

#2 Human Brain consumes largest part of energy (around 20%) generated by human body.

#3 Around 100 Billion Neurons are present in a Human Brain, which is 15 times greater than human population on earth.

#4 Around 60% of Human Brain is comprised of Fat.

#5 ‘Human can use up to 10% of their brain’ is the biggest myth most people believe in.

#6 Energy consumed by brain, around 25 Watts, is sufficient enough for lighting a bulb.


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