These photos look normal but their behind story are way more painful

We always take snaps of ourselves, our children, our friends or anybody, but we can’t predict which our photos would become our last one.

Well, I am saying this because the below shown photos are of unlucky fellows, who seem normal in their photos but sadly, these were their last click.

#1 US Skating Team’s last group photo just before their plane crash


#2 Pacific Southwest Airlines Flight 182 last pic


#3 a legendary actor Robin Williams’s last pic with his fan, before he took his own life


#4 Famous Fast and Furious Actor, Paul Walker, who died in car crash while driving this red car


#5 Innocent unknown kids were brutally killed in a shootout


#6 Famous rapper of his time, Notorious B.I.G, killed in a shootout, posing with Sean P. Diddy


#7 John F Kennedy, going for a speech where he was shot dead


#8 unidentified man, jumping alive from Twin Tower on 9/11


#9 Robert Overacker, died during a stunt following a parachute malfunction


#10 Happy Family’s last photo before their plane, Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17, crashed


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