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These People Cheated Death – Video


Many people have reported near-death experiences and all the hubbub associated with it. No one knows whether it is true or not, but one thing we can all be certain about is, people have actually missed death by inches.

These gifs here show exactly how these people almost got killed in different, some self-created and completely avoidable, situations.

#1 Do not stop, they said
Do not stop

#2 Right in the middle of action
in the middle

#3 However that happened!

#4 The bus and the guy, both running too late to stop at all
The bus

#5 Don’t know how he didn’t even notice?

#6 Aladdin’s Magic Carpet to the rescue
Magic Carpet

#7 What’s the hurry, guy? I just don’t get it!
hurry guy

#8 Final Destination shit just got real!
Final Destination
And the way that car’s rear hatch got over his head and closed, he was out, just in time.

#9 When it comes right at your face
at your face

#10 Whatever he’s looking at must be too damn interesting
damn interesting

#11 Not one, but two of ’em
No one

#12 Proving Einstein right about infinity
“Two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity; and am not sure about the universe”- Albert Einstein