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These Guys Had A Funeral For Their Best Friend. When You See Why? You’ll Laugh


Keiran Cable, we hardly knew ye. The beloved son and friend to many was 20 when he disappeared off the face of the earth.

No, he was not killed, he simply got a girlfriend and stopped seeing his friends. After Keiran met one Jess Ferguson, 19, the two were inseparable and he never had time for his friends anymore. After waiting for him to return to them for 18 months, his buddies accepted their loss and threw Keiran a mock funeral.

Whipped boy Keiran Cable and girlfriend Jess Ferguson
Whipped boy

Keiran’s buddies missed their lovesick friend so much that they threw him a mock funeral. About 50 were in attendance to say their goodbyes and send their condolences.

His mates dressed all in black, rented a hearse, and even crafted a coffin to celebrate the life of their dearly missed friend.
celebrate the life

Hymns were sung and pints were raised to the memories of Keiran. They even printed commemorative pamphlets to pass around at the service.
pass around

When Keiran found out what his friends had done for him, he went along with it and joined the party, even lying in his own coffin. The event was certainly more party than funeral, but everyone went to great lengths to make the event look authentic.
look authentic

As for Jess, she’s still happily with Keiran and she insists that he is allowed to see his pals whenever he wants. They certainly do make an adorable couple! If only Keiran knew how to balance romance and bromance.
balance romance

Hopefully Keiran will find more time for his friends after seeing the efforts they went through to show him how much they missed him. It certainly looks like they knew how to put the “fun” in funeral.