These Bizarre Medical Pictures From The Past

A thought of getting sick, visiting a doctor or taking sour medicines always make us upset. But, we should feel blessed to be in 21st century where the medical treatments have become much comfortable for the patient as well as for the doctor.

Let’s dive into the medical world of history.
medical world
Lewis Sayre, the famous surgeon, used to follow this weird way to correct the curvature of spine in 19th century.
Lewis Sayre
This is how scoliosis patients were treated.

A weird prosthetic leg.
prosthetic leg
I am not sure whether it helped people to walk or made it even more difficult for them.

Wooden prosthetic hand  in 1800.
prosthetic hand
It is giving me thoughts that are horrible than any nightmare.
Tanning babies to cure winter rickets.
Tanning babies
This picture is from 1925 and was taken at Chicago Orphan Asylum.

Facial prosthesis to hide injuries. (20th century)
Facial prosthesis
Some of them look really creepy!

Spinal Apparatus advertisement in 1878.
Spinal Apparatus
Invented by Dr. Clark, this apparatus looks really painful.

Walter Reed’s technique of physiotherapy (1920)
technique of physiotherapy
Thank god, I was born in 21st century!

A neurological exam with an electrical device in 1884.
neurological exam
It is probably the most brutal way to examine someone.

Those are patients wrapped in sheets.
patients wrapped
This looks so bizarre.

Doctors wearing weird looking masks during plague.
Doctors wearing
Beaks of these masks were filled with lavender and other strong smelling substances.

In 19th century, ether was used in surgeries as an anaesthetic.
This picture reminds me of the brutal scenes from horror movies.

Anatomical Model.
Anatomical Model
In ancient times, doctors were not allowed to touch a woman’s body. They used points on these models to describe pain locations.

An obstetric model from 18th century.
obstetric model
This was used in 18th century to help students learn about childbirth. This model is from an Italian medical school.

medical world

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