These 10 facts about death you must know today

Death is the ultimate truth of life but today we are here to present some amazing facts related to death.

Let’s get started:

#1 In US, one person in 25 who are facing death penalty is innocent

#2 If in Amsterdam, no one is attempt to your funeral then poet will write and recite poem for you during funeral.

#3 More than 7000 people die every year because of bad handwriting of doctors

#4 Life span of left handed people is normally low than right handed people

#5 Falling coconut on head causes more death than shark attack

#6 One person gets killed every hour due to drunk driving in US

#7 One woman dies every 90 seconds during her childbirth time

#8 Number of people who commit suicide in New York is larger than people who get murdered

#9 Gypsy is a tribe who is known widely to celebrate deaths and mourn on birth

#10 Obese drivers have more chance to die in car than fit and fine person


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