These 10 expectations vs reality when parents aren’t home are damn true

Yeah, we all think about a lot of thing to do when our parents go out but what we do in reality is the real thing.

Today we have brought a list of things which we expect when parents aren’t home against what we do in reality.

Let’s get started:

#1 We think of throwing huge party but in reality we just take our laptop out and do whatever we wish in that


#2 We think to call our girlfriend home but wait, for that we need a girlfriend


#3 We think of cooking a great stuff but what we end up with


#4 We think to eat homemade food but we love eating from restaurant


#5 Yea, we think not to mastur**** but it feels good


#6 We think not to disturb our neighbors, but who really cares


#7 We think to be clean, but decide later to pee in wash basin


#8 We think to complete all the pending task but we end up sleeping whole day


#9 We think to study well but we forget, yeah forget


#10 We think to keep ourselves clean, but end up not taking bath for day


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