The Walking Dead Season 5 Set To Kick Off Soon

The Walking Dead is all set to kick off its action filled fifth season. The executive producer David Alpert says, “the adventures of Rick Grimes and Co. might go on for a quite a very long time.”

According to IndieWire, Alpert said at a Producers’ Guild of America panel that he love working from source material, specifically because they have a pretty good idea of how season 10 is going to be, they know where season 11 and 12 will be…Alpert added that they have milestones and benchmarks for those seasons if they’re lucky enough to get there.

The Walking Dead Season 5 Set To Kick Off Soon

The source material is the famous Charlie Adlard and Robert Kirkman’s “The Walking Dead” comic series. This Comic book is currently 130 issues and Kirkman is confident about the comics to continue for many more coming years.

Kirkman said in a recent Reddit AMA that he plan on doing at least 300 issues, and he won’t stop if he have as much fun then. He added that if he suddenly start having LESS fun he may end it earlier, but he doesn’t see that happening. He’s in for the long haul, and Charlie Adlard is too. The Walking Dead is at present the highest-rated show in the 18 to 49 year old demographic.

In the AMA, Kirkman hinted the introduction of more comic characters, may be like Ezekiel in seventh season. Ezekiel first appeared along with a tiger. Yes, a tiger.


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