The struggles that come from being left-handed

The right-handed among us will likely scoff, but you may be surprised to know the struggles that come from being left-handed! Think about it, only 10% of the world is born left-handed. This means that everything is made to cater to right-handed people. This makes some things that you all take for granted very difficult for us. If you’re right-handed, you’ve never suffer the horror that is dragging your hand across everything you write. I was afraid I would get ink poisoning when I was in school! Speaking of school, desks were fun! That was sarcasm in case you couldn’t tell. One year, the teacher had the desks in rows, so of course there was only one spot I could be. On the end so my elbow wouldn’t hit anyone else’s! Pens on chains, such as the ones in banks, always cater to right-handed people. We have to squish up to one side to be able to use it! How rude! The next two words that I’m going to tell you about need no more explanation. Can opener. The handheld kind are pretty much evil to a left-handed person. We just can’t use them! It is exasperating. Anyone that is left-handed that needs to type a lot of numbers into computer should get a raise! There is no convenient number keypad on the left side of the keyboard! No fair! Cupholders are never right. And you can forget finding a baseball glove that you actually like. If you’re lucky enough to come across a left-handed one, it will be hideous and you will hate it. However, you will have no choice, and that’s where the resentment starts. OK, that was a little dramatic. Some of the side effects of being left-handed aren’t all bad, nobody can steal our scissors.


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