The Saturdays Enjoying the Joys of Parenthood

The Saturdays is a pop group that has five girls who are from England and Ireland. The group was formed 7 years ago. Now the members have small babies who are a part of the group. Therefore, they are looking for crèche where they can put up the babies while they work.

Una, one of the members of the Saturday’s group has said that she was considering putting her kids in a crèche. The members of this group are planning to enjoy family vacation during the upcoming Scotland tour.

Una is married to Ben Foden, who is a rugby player. Una says that having kids will not affect her shows and performances, as she will continue to work the same way as before. Una has been successful in balancing her work life with her professional life. The other girls of the band feel that they are very good at multitasking and can look after the kids along with their work.

The Saturdays

The Saturdays

The name of Una Foden’s toddler is Aoife who is 2 years old. The young girls of this group feel that the babies are growing very fast. The babies have to be taken everywhere and it bothers Una who feels that it will not be good for the babies who need special care and attention during the delicate years of babyhood. Una feels that the babies cannot be taken to all shows.

Una’s baby will be attending the nursery very soon and taking her to the show would disturb her schedule. Una will take the baby to some shows but not everywhere. The total babies in The Saturdays group are 2 and there is one toddler. Therefore, in total there are 3 kids to take care of.

Another member of this group Frankie Sandford has been engaged to Wayne Bridge, who is a football player. Frankie has a son named Parker Bridge, who was born 6 months ago.

The name of Rochelle Humes husband is Marvin Humes, who is a JLS star. Their first baby girl’s name is Alaia Mai, who is eleven months old.

Having given birth to babies has put a break to the shows of this group. The only time they could perform was when Aoife accompanied the group in LA few years back. When the group did not have kids, they took other family members including their husbands with them to the shows. The band is like a big family with the arrival of kids.

The Saturdays

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