The reason why a woman reacted rudely to a soldier in a store is really shocking

Asking for a discount at any store is not a crime, but some people literally don’t understand this and hence they start acting over smart.

Well, something similar happened with a military vet who had served the country for years and was still on duty that time.

Actually, he went to a store and while paying, he asked to cashier If they were offering any discount to the military personnel.

Listening to this, a lady behind the soldier started reacting rudely to him.

She said “All of you think you’re entitled because you’re in the military deserve special privileges. My God…”.

In reply the soldier replied that “I am not expecting any ‘special privilege’”.

He cleared that many stores offer discount to the military people, so he thought to ask.

Another man who was standing and listening their conversation, came in front and paid for the soldier and said “here is your military discount, you deserve it, you need not to request”.


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