The reason behind our external hard disks show less memory than they claim

If you are external storage user, then you must be knowing what I am talking about. Well, today we are revealing the reasons why our pen-drives or external storage devices show less memory than they claim.

Suppose, you have bought a 16 GB pen-drive, but instead of 16 GB you get only 15 GB (almost).


Here are the reasons:

#1 Different companies (external storage makers) calculate the memory differently. And they also mention it (calculation method) as disclaimer over the packet, so that no any person can put a claim against them.

#2 Little memories have been saved by the device itself for ‘system files’, which is necessary in order to give maximum performance.

#3 Different OS treat your external disc differently. There are little discrepancies between the file formats and algorithms used by different operating systems, resulting in different disc size.


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