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The real life Titanic love story


One of the many first class survivors of the real RMS Titanic was a woman, named Madeleine Astor. Madeleine, just like the fictional Rose from the movie, was a young socialite, from whom it was expected to marry a rich gentleman and lead a wealthy lifestyle. Emilio Portaluppi was a working class man, who also boarded the Titanic. He was working as a stonemason and he boarded the ship at the last minute. It is believed that the Astors invited Emilio on Titanic, because they wanted him to do some work at one of their real estates. He was traveling in second class, but on the fateful night, on which the ship hit the infamous iceberg, the man was dining with Madeleine and her family in first class. Does the famous dinner scene in the movie ring a bell?

Emilio had a crush on Madeleine, but no records show if she ever returned his feelings or not. History shows that Madeleine survived the sinking of the real Titanic, even though her husband did not. She remarried another rich fellow and died at the age of 46 in 1940. Emilio, on the other hand, also survived the catastrophic events of the 14th of April 1912. He didn’t speak much of the events that occurred on the ship or of his unfortunate love story up until he became of ripe old age. During his final days he shared his story with a number of journalists.

Although James Cameron’s blockbuster wasn’t based on Emilio and Madeleine’s real life story, their history together resembles Jack and Rose’s one in many ways.