The most bizarre medical conditions that will leave you in shock

There are several disease or you can say medical conditions that you would not be knowing about.

Here are the few, which really exists, take a look:-

#1 Cutaneous horns – this condition gives the patients a hard material above the surface of skin that looks like horns


#2 Macrodactyly – it causes swelling at some part of body. Usually found in kids, by birth or within few years of birth


#3 Epidermodysplasia verruciformis – it’s an extreme skin disorder causing horrifying damage of skins


#4 Noma – this affects mostly young with bad hygiene and nutrition


#5 Maggot Infestation – Maggots start to live inside some part of body and even eat from inside


#6 Neurofibromatosis – condition that damages the skin tissue and stops creating new


#7 Polymelia – it causes development of several limbs in the body


#8 Werewolf syndrome – it causes hairs all over the body


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