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The Mad Hysteria of The Vamps


The British band of boys called The Vamps had to face great confusion and chaos with the crazy fans screaming the top of voice in the signing session of the band. This event was held in the Oxford Street of London, which was brought to a standstill due to the rush of excitement among the fans of this band. The event was held at Claire’s Accessories store.

Since the band is very popular among the young girls, the girls created a scene and became over excited on seeing the band members. About 5000 teenage girls started screaming and squealing at the band members. The noise was so loud that it could be heard from a large distance. The whole area echoed with the shouts of girls. It seemed as if the eardrums would burst.

The reaction of audience was like a mania in which they became mad on seeing the band. People went crazy at the members of this band on this album-signing event. The Oxford Street is a very busy place and the police was forced to shut it to avoid further problems.

All members of The Vamp band play instruments themselves. The band includes Brad Simpson, who is a frontman of the band. Connor Ball plays the bass. Brad and Conor are 18 years old. James McVey plays the guitar and Tristan Evans plays the drums. James and Tristan are 19 years old.

the vamps

The Vamps

The Vamps

The Vamps band holds the second position in the Singles category. Their latest song Last night became a huge hit. Another hit song of this band is Meet the Vamps. This is the first time debut song of the band.

The band wrote on its tweet and requested the fans to calm down as their excitement was causing danger to the band members. The police had given a threat to the band members that it would shut down the place where the band holds shows. The doorway becomes jammed and blocked with the over enthusiastic fans and the band members cannot even get out from the door. The bands popularity can be measured by this alone.

Finally, the girls who were on Easter holidays from the school calmed down and created order by forming a queue. The band members were terrified by the stampede that occurred. They were confused and did not know what kind of storm they would meet with.

The band members could not control the screaming of girls. The band stars had to hide and the store was closed down to prevent further problems. Just one week before this incident at London, the band had to face a similar hysteria in Paris.