The logic behind these magic will leave you speechless

We all must have seen magic shows in our childhood and at that time we used to believe that the magicians really know magic.

However, that’s not actually true. It’s all about the timings and illusion.

Check few of the magic tricks from behind the scene:

#1 Cutting the girl – in this magic trick the magician usually shows the viewers that one girl is sleeping inside the box when he cuts it. However, there are two girls inside, just the same as the image explains.

The logic behind these magic will leave you speechless1

#2 Girl sleeping in air – well, this is another magic which is very famous and in this, magician let the girl sleep over two chairs first and then he pulls both chairs apart. Sadly, in this trick chairs have no role except giving an illusion to viewer. There is a metal rod, which balances the girl.

The logic behind these magic will leave you speechless2

#3 Man sitting on air just holding a wooden bar – you must have seen this magic on roads or streets but do you know how this man manages this. Well, he actually has a wooden block attached with that wooden bar. However people usually don’t find this wooden plank as it is made hidden with the man’s cloth.


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