The Latest News about World Entries in the 67th Cannes Film Festival

Cannes Film Festival will be held in May 2014. This will be the 67th festival. The poster of this festival has been released. The poster has Marcello Mastroianni portrait. Marcello is a famous actor of Italy who was the star of ‘8 1/2”. The star is pushing his sunglasses in this poster.

The festival will have a competition between the Hollywood cinemas versus the world cinema. Films from all over the world including France will be fighting for the best cinema prizes. The cine lovers can get the latest news of Cannes from 14-25 May. The names of Cannes award winners will be announced on 24 May.

The entries for the main award category have been announced, which includes 18 films from all over the world. Countries like Canada, Turkey and Japan have submitted their entries.

67th Cannes Film Festival

67th Cannes Film Festival

Cannes is a very old film festival. The festival is a glamorous event in which the main attraction is the red carpet.  Photographers click pictures of luxuriously dressed film stars. There is a rotating cast in which the celebrities sign autographs.

The main lineup in Cannes this year has 2 women directors from Italy and Japan while the head of jury is Jane Campion, who is from New Zealand. Campion was given the “The Piano” award in the film festival in 1993. She is a director and the only woman who has been given this award.

The entry for France in this festival is the bio picture named the “Saint Laurent”. The star of this picture is Juliette Binoche and its director is Bertrand Bonello. This picture revolves around the story of a tormented fashion designer.

Two brothers Jean and Luc are competing with another entry for an award in Cannes. The brothers belong to Belgium and they have won “The Piano” award two times.

Canadian movie that is competing in Cannes is “Maps to the Stars”. The director of this movie is David Cronenberg. The entries from Britain include the movies “Jimmy Hall” and “Mr Turner”. Jimmy Hall is based on Jimmy Gralton, who was an Irish leader. Mr Turner is based on the story of a British painter.

The entry from Russia is the movie “Leviafan” and “Winter Sleep” is the entry from Turkey. Argentinas entry is “Relatos Salvajes”.

Apart from the above entries from the world, some Hollywood pictures are also competing in the Cannes festival. It includes the movies “The Homesman” and “Foxcatcher”. Another Hollywod entry is the animation film “How to Train Your Dragon 2”. This animation has been taken from the book series, which tells the story of a boy whose life partner is a dragon.

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