The iPhone 7 might NOT have a headphone jack

Rumors are flying around the Internet that Apple’s upcoming iPhone 7 might lack a headphone jack.

Rumors surrounding the yet to be announced iPhone 7 started circling around even before iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus hit the Apple Stores across the world earlier this autumn. The newest rumors claim that Apple will remove the headphone/ earplug jack from its upcoming smartphone.

The claims come from the fact that the tech manufacturer is trying to present an even thinner product than its previous smartphones. Unfortunately for Apple, the only reason why their iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus were as thin as they could possibly be was the fact that they had the standard 3.5 mm headphone jack most phones have. Thus, if they remove the jack, they will end up with a thinner smartphone. The news that iPhone 7 might lack an earplug/headphone jack is getting everybody crazy and many people already believe Apple will do this, even though the tech giant still hasn’t said anything about it.

If Apple indeed decide to release a phone that doesn’t support the 3.5 mm headphone jack, they will need to opt for something like the lightning ports. In other words, Apple users will need to get the ports, the iPhone 7, and Apple’s EarPod earplugs in order to be able to listen to music on their iPhones. Thus, they will have to pay a slightly larger amount of money. If the iPhone 7 lacks the headphone jack, there will be both an advantage and a downside to using the lightning ports. The ports and the earplugs won’t need an additional battery, but on the other hand, they will be draining the iPhone’s internal battery.
The iPhone 7 is expected to hit the market in late 2016, so we can’t know for sure if Apple will get rid of the jack or not before sometime next year.

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