The horror movie “The Conjuring”

The horror movie “The Conjuring” featuring the story of the popular demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren is a box-office hit. After the filming was over the cast reported some pretty peculiar things that happened on the set and during working on the script.

For example, while the screenwriters were working with Lorraine Warren on the details of the script, their phone conversations were mysteriously interrupted multiple times. They could only hear weird voices and static and the line would then go dead.

On another instance, the dog of the director Jame Wan started behaving oddly while he was revising the script in his home. The puppy started staring and viciously snarling at a corner in the house and then chased something that the director couldn’t see.

When the actual family that was portrayed in the movie made a visit to the set a strange wind blew all of a sudden. The terrifying part was that neither the trees, nor anything else flinched at all. What is more, the mother later tripped and hurt herself badly ending up in hospital.

Actress Vera Farmiga also shared she had a quite frightening experience. One night she opened up her laptop to resume reading the script and noticed there were five claw marks across the screen. The actress, who portrayed Lorraine Warren in the movie, was absolutely certain that she hadn’t dropped the laptop and no one else but her had touched it.

At last, the director of the movie admitted that it was a very comforting thought that he made up his other movies “Saw” and “Insidious” but for “The Conjuring” he did not have such luxury.

The Conjuring movie

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