The city with a secret was spotted on Google maps

We are all familiar with Google maps, and that they pretty much map the entire world for us, from street view to aerial view. They found this city that is seemingly perfect, and you’ll never guess it’s secret. While there’s no such thing as a perfect city, Palmanova, Italy comes close. Or does it? This incredible city was designed by artist and architect Vincenzo Scamozzi and was created to look just like a star from overhead. This “star fort” city is pleasing from a mathematical perspective and an aesthetic one. It was even strategically for military defense. How could you resist a city that looks so nice and was obviously planned out? Built during the Renaissance period, at the end of the 16th century, it was meant to be a perfect city, or Utopia, if you will. The plan was for it to look and be perfect. Harmonious and peaceful. It was designed as a concentric city with three 9 sided ring roads. Although the utopian dreams of the city’s designer were never realized, it is still a beautiful place to see! It is located in northern Italy, near the border of Slovenia. After living our lives in crowded, congested, sprawled out cities and towns, just doing something this close to perfection exists is a treat! In the article all about this beautiful star shaped town at, you will really be able to get a feel for how beautiful and point to this town really is! The buildings with their vibrant colors, the streets with people strolling along, and the countryside, all green and beautiful all play a part to make this a beautiful place to be. If you would like to see the city, simply type it into Google maps, or start saving up for your trip to Europe today! This city with a secret was spotted on Google maps, and I’m so glad it was!

Secret City

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