The Boy who Chose Friends over Life is the true HERO

When it comes to life and death, we as common people choose life over anything, but we have brought a story of a 20 year old boy who chose friends over his life.

In recent Dhaka Attack, where dozens of people were killed by the Terrorists, a boy named Faraaz asked to leave the place by Terrorists but he instead of leaving, argued that he would not leave his friends alone and hence he also became one among people who were killed.

According to the reports, the terrorists asked to chant verses of Quran and those who failed to chant, got killed.

But Faraz was one who knew the verses and also chanted before them and hence they asked him to leave, but he instead of choosing life, chose friends and asked them (terrorists) to free his friends as well, who failed in chanting the Quran Verses.

He and his friends were eventually killed.


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