The 5 highly recommended tips while selection and usage of Meal Replacement Shakes

  1. Carry out some research

You will have to look into the reviews and ratings of the meal replacement shakes by users. Even if there are brilliant advertisements, give it a miss and instead, it is recommended that you take into consideration the user reviews as listed in unbiased websites. Based on the feedback of other users, you can select the meal replacement shake that best suits your requirement. A fair amount of research is highly required, as you will only be able to select the right meal replacement shake after knowing the reviews by actual users.


  1. Understand your need

There are different types of meal replacement shakes available. You should know your need and goal for the consumption of meal replacement shakes. There are products available that are high on protein, low on carbohydrates or other meal replacement shakes that simply replace your meal without any goals. It is good to have meal replacement shakes that have a high amount of vitamins and minerals. You need to ask yourself about why you need a meal replacement shake before you order one!


  1. Proper usage of shakes

Meal replacement shakes are to be consumed instead of the meal you are planning to have. When you are looking for muscle gain, make sure that you have one or two servings of proteins throughout the day.

When you drink meal replacement shakes, you will have lesser appetite and hence, it is recommended that you drink it first thing in the morning or as a replacement for the last meal of your day, so that you do not get cravings or feel hungry throughout the day.

In case you start getting bored of the taste, you can also add fruits and vegetables to your meal replacement shakes.


  1. Careful about your allergies

Some people might be intolerant to different substances. Hence, you will have to look out for any allergies before you start incorporating meal replacement shakes as a part of your diet. Only when you do not have any side effects with prolonged usage, it is recommended that you use the meal replacement shake. Also, you will have to be careful about the consumption of protein shakes, as it might make you feel nauseated in case you have it at the wrong time. For any existing medical condition, have a word with your doctor before you start consuming meal replacement shakes.


  1. Stay away from these!

Meal replacement shakes that make use of artificial sweeteners, aspartame and acesulfame-k should be avoided totally. Sweeteners might be of different kinds, such as cane sugar, molasses, refined sugars, high fructose corn syrup etc. as they don’t do any good to replace your meal.

Soy protein is not recommended among pregnant women as it puts them at a high risk of kidney stones, breast cancer, thyroid disorders etc. and might eventually impair the functioning of nervous system.

Hence, make sure that you choose the right meal replacement shake!  Read more reviews about popular shakes on the site


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