Ten ultimate ways to keep the ‘spark’ alive in your relationship

You must be wishing to keep your relationship happy and full of romance always – but wait, it wouldn’t be possible without your efforts.

You have to do every possible thing to keep ‘charm’ in your relationship. Here today we are presenting few of ways to keep love and care alive.

Let’s get started:

#1 If he/she is busy, drop him an Email explaining you are missing him/her

#2 Leave hand written sweet notes for him/her, so that whenever he/she comes back to home, gets a smile

#3 Get food delivered of his/her choice

#4 Leave sweet voicemails or voice messages for him/her explaining you are missing him/her

#5 Always try to understand him/her situations

#6 Send him/her random text messages saying anything sweet

#7 Cook for him/her

#8 Try taking bath together always

#9 Don’t always wait thinking only he/she will do

#10 Plan some surprise for him/her


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