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Ten signs which explain whether you are dating a GIRL or a WOMAN


Women are believed to be better than a girl in relationships. Well, it’s not about age, it’s about understanding, behaviours, feeling and act.

Today, we have brought a list of things which will help you differentiating a girl and a woman.

Let’s get started:

#1 Girls show off much while the women are deep thinker

#2 Girls want attention but women need respect

#3 Girls live in their own fantasy world and believe everything would turn like their world but women live in reality.

#4 Girls never choose to pay when their partners with them but women choose if the situation says

#5 Girls go wild every time at bar, they go for everything they get but women know their capacity and hence go accordingly

#6 Girls give preference to their virtual world more than the real but women don’t even think about the virtual if something happening in their real world

#7 Girls just get mad over TV but most women are good reader

#8 Girls go talking (blabbering) on any topic but women prefer to talk over some meaningful topics

#9 Girls think that every responsibility and doings are for males but women think that they also have to do the same

#10 Girls think that they are fragile creature who need protection from the world but women know how to protect themselves from the bad part