Ten signs that he is not going to marry you

If you are a girl and thinking to move one step ahead in your relationship, then you must know whether your man is a perfect marriage material or not i.e. is he worth marrying or not.

So, according to a professional matchmaker, there are few types of people out there, who aren’t marriage material at all.

So, your man is not worth marrying if:

#1 He still goes out with his ex

#2 He always admits before you that he is not ready for relationship

#3 He tries to change you, or tries to force you to do something for his own personal sake

#4 He is above 30, and still he has no carrier path

#5 He doesn’t believe in monogamy

#6 He dates other woman, and even thinks it is good

#7 He hides a lot of things from you

#8 He tries to be as unknown person to you

#9 He always asks for you when he needs favour

#10 He makes plan without you most of the time


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