Tech Millionaire Ducks Jail Despite Beating Girlfriend 117 Times

In a shocking development regardless of being trapped on camera and having pleaded guilty for beating his female friend the millionaire and RadiumOne Chief Executive Officer Gurbaksh Chahal has come out without being sent to jail.

Chahal the internet techie managed to legally dodge close to 45 felony counts and was sentenced to three year probation apart from community service and mandated to attend a 52-week domestic-violence training program. The millionaire got the legal respite after the hearing San Francisco judge ruled out using the surveillance video in form of evidence against Chahal since it was illegally seized from his apartment. The judgment not only lets Chahal go scot free without a felony conviction it lets him legally stay on board of his company RadiumOne that is on the verge of going public.

RadiumOne Chief Executive Officer Gurbaksh

RadiumOne Chief Executive Officer Gurbaksh

Once hailed as one of the most eligible bachelors of America the 31 years old Gurbaksh Chahal created his first online advertising network at age of 16. He has created the social-advertising technology firm, RadiumOne and been the driving force behind the company’s growth to come to an annual turnover of $100 million.

Despite being arrested in August after his girlfriend who lived in with him in a San Francisco penthouse apartment reported domestic violence to 911 he managed to bring the online-advertising network to the final stages for the opening public stock. Chahal also negotiated a partnership with the publisher Condé Nast.

Following the girl’s statement that Chahal had threatened to kill her and she was in fear for life police manned the home’s security footage and identified a 30-minute attack where Chahal kicked her 117 times. The couple reportedly had a fight on Chahal’s discovery of his girlfriend having an affair during a Las Vegas trip. The case was brought before San Francisco Superior Court but Chahal managed bail posting $1 million as security. He would now be serving 25 hours in community service.

RadiumOne Chief Executive Officer Gurbaksh

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