TD Garden Mass Illness On Avicii Night Blamed On Molly Drug

Drug ecstasy Molly is now blamed for all the mass illness that took place at the TD Garden in Boston during DJ Avicii’s show.

More than 50 young people were hospitalized in the nearby hospitals after getting sick due to voluntary ingestion of Molly while attending the electronic dance music cancer.

TD Garden Mass Illness On Avicii Night Blamed On Molly Drug

According to the Boston Police spokesman Sergeant Michael McCarthy, few of the hospitalized people showed signs of Molly overdose.

The overdose of Molly usually increases pulse rate rapidly and initiates chest pains apart from nausea, vomiting and shortness of breath.

McCarthy added that alcohol was also one of the other reasons in some of the illnesses.

On Thursday night TD Garden was also cited for having intoxicated minors even though ahead of the concert police had arrested five people on drug sales charges. They were even found selling Molly to concert-goers.

McCarthy said such events are also known for drugs and alcohol sales as it draws huge crowd.

Mayor Martin J. Walsh said he will be meeting the TD Garden officials and review the event that was termed as “Level 2 Mass Casualty Incident.”

In a statement today he also said will be examining any protocol for dealing with such incidents in future.

Earlier, Avicii too tweeted about the incidence and said hope everyone is okay.


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