Tasting Menu: Must Watch Movies for Foodies

Most of us enjoy watching movies with the popcorn. Would you like to watch some movies that are based on food? The food movies are very mouth watering and they are must watch movies for all food lovers. The story of food movies revolves around the preparation of dishes.

The movie “Tasting Menu” is running in Quad Cinema. This cinema hall is situated in Manhattan. The director of this movie is Roger Gual. The movie has been co-produced internationally. The story of this movie is based on Catalan meal.

In this movie, Mar is a super chef who runs a famous restaurant called the Chakula. Though the restaurant is very successful, Mar decides to close it down and arranges a last supper in it. The guests who are invited for this event include a poor countess, a curmudgeon and a separated couple.

tasting menu

tasting menu

Two Japanese men are also included in the guest list of the party. These men want to buy the restaurant. During this dinner party, many emotions come out including misunderstandings and confrontations. The dinner menu of this event includes snail caviar and margarita, which is drunk inside aloe vera leaf.

The second movie is the “Chef”. This movie will be released on May 9 this year. The movie is directed and co-produced by Jon Favreau. This movie has been selected for the Tribeca Film Festival. The movie starts from a LA eatery. Later on, it takes us to Miami. Here, people love to eat Cuban sandwiches.

This movie is a comedy film. The main character of this movie is Carl, who is a chef. A famous food blogger has plans to eat at Carl’s eatery. Carl’s boss makes puts pressure on him to use old standards for cooking the food.

The blogger gives him a nasty review. Carl has a son named Percy, who tells him the use of twitter. Carl’s messages against his critic go viral. Carl posts a video in which he is verbally attacking the critic.

Carl has an ex wife who asks him to go with her to Miami. Here, Carl starts a food business on a truck. It is like a mobile eatery in which he makes and sells Cuban sandwiches. Finally, Carl get a chance to enjoy autonomy and freedom of cooking with originality.

This was the story of the two food movies. Your taste buds will become active when you see these movies. The camera has done a good job by capturing the food preparation very nicely. It will arouse your hunger.

The food scenes in the above movies have been filmed very sensuously. Hope you watch these movies and enjoy it. Both movies revolve around the characters creating dishes.

tasting menu

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