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Susan Sarandon, Geena Davis Talk about Brad Pitt


How time flies! It’s been 23 years have passed since the 1991 release of the classic film “Thelma and Louis”, in which Brad Pitt’ stole the heart of Geena Davis’ Thelma and viewers around the world.

In a recent interview Davis and her crime partner Susan Sarandon revealed about the making of one of biggest feminist power films of all time and about their hunky co-star.

Susan Sarandon, Geena Davis Talk about Brad Pitt

Strandon said that Brad Pitt has told stories about how professional she was and how she made him a professional. However Susan admitted that she does not remember any of that, she further added that It seemed like it has been easy for him. Susan recalls that when she saw him in the movie, in the scene when he’s in the police station, she knew that he has had really something special. He’s indeed a very smart guy she admitted.

Geena Davis joked about her love scene with the shirtless thief in the film. She admitted that it was “very challenging” and she probably had messed up the then future star’s audition. “I got a little distracted, you know”, embarrassingly she admits. She started forgetting her lines, and almost screwed Pitt’s audition.

The movie’s controversial end was concerned about by the Tammy Star. She recalled, “I said to Ridley, ‘I hope we’re not going to shoot this and then you test it and then we just end in Club Med” She further told Ridley that if she has to play the part she must know where it will go. Ridley replied, ”You’re definitely going to die, I’m not sure about Thelma”.