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Sting’s Six Children Won’t Be Getting Much of Father’s Fortune


It’s been said that being the child of an International Pop Star isn’t always full of glamour.

The 16 times Grammy award winner, Sting, revealed plans about what he gonna do with his £180 million fortune ($300 million) and his six children. The 62 year old former Police frontman reportedly said that his kids won’t be left with much money because he’s already spending it. Sting added that he appreciates that his kids rarely ask him for anything. And that he certainly don’t want to leave them any trust funds.

The Singer who’s been married for 22 years to wife Trudie Styler share children Brigitte “Mickey” Michael, Jake, Eliot “Coco” Pauline, and Giacomo Luke. His son Joseph and daughter Fuchsia Katherine is from his ex-wife Frances Tomelty. Sting’s son Mickey appeared in Greta Gerwig’s 201 comedy Frances Ha, and daughter Coco is lead singer of “I Blame Coco.”

However, Sting showed his generous father face too by saying that he would obviously help his kids if they would be in any trouble. Sting whose real name is Gordon Mathew proudly said that his children have work ethic which makes them want to succeed on their own merit.

People may perhaps make assumptions that they were born with a silver spoon but that they’ve never been fed much.

The Pop Star admitted that having Pop Star father isn’t a picnic for the child, it has been tough for his kids.