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Star Wars’ Upcoming Installment To Be Shot In UAE


The rumors of the Star Wars franchise’s next film being shot in United Arab Emirates began swirling a long time ago, and now it looks like they have finally come to fruition.

A media company in the Gulf federation’s capital Abu Dhabi reported on Wednesday, that the next film of the Star Wars franchise has already begun shooting in the city.

Star Wars' Upcoming Installment To Be Shot In UAE 2

This is the first definitive word from the Mid-eastern nation confirming the reports of filming, which had reportedly begun since early May with director J. J. Abrams and the cast of the film arriving in the city. The officials of the city had previously refused to confirm or deny any reports of the nation’s involvement with the seventh film of the Star Wars franchise, even though a government owned publication had reported of the preparations for the filming beginning in the city. And although the media company had mentioned of the cast and the director of the film arriving in the city, it did not report about any specific droids or Jedi involved in the shooting.

The city of Abu Dhabi has already invested heavily into making itself a world-class filming destination for major film industries, along with the nearby city of Dubai. Major films have been shot in the cities of Abu Dhabi and Dubai, including the Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol, a significant part of which was shot in Dubai, and Fast & Furious 7 which recently finished shooting in Abu Dhabi, as also the American soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful. Other films being shot in the city include the Bollywood feature film Bang Bang.