Son saw his mom after 14 years and fell in love with her

A son who was adopted when he was just five, revealed that he fell in love with her mother after seeing her for the first time.

It has been reported that the son, Shane Burke, now 19, from Manchester, tracked his mom, Rose Bestall, after around 15 years and when he saw her for the first time, he fell in love with her.

He believes that he is suffering from a genetic sexual attraction, a condition in which people start getting sexually attracted towards some relative, if they first meet as adults.

Rose, her mother said “I know his feelings are not appropriate, but I don’t want to lose him again”.

She added “I had to give him up for adoption when he was just five, but now again I don’t want something like that”.

Shane is trying to control his feelings and belives that everything would soon get to normal.


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