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Six things which are destroying your sperm


Most men now a days go through the fertility problem and these problems generally happen because of their own habits.

Some wouldn’t be knowing what things destroy their sperm.

So here we have brought a complete list:

#1 Over Drinking Cold Drinks – Most drinks come in plastic bottles or cans and most of them contain Bisphenol A, which indirectly decreases the strength of sperm.


#2 Keeping Phones in Lower Pocket – The radiations coming out from cellphone reportedly can decrease the sperm strength by 9 percent.


#3 Living a long time in high temperature – Testicles need four degree less than the body requirement and if you remain in hotter area for a long then this may decreases your sperm strength.


#4 Getting overweight – Obesity is the main reason behind the weakness of sperm, so try exercising and cut that extra fat.


#5 Smoking – In a research, it has been found that smoking can even make a person impotent.


#6 Stress – Taking so much stress can also decrease the sperm count.


#7 Consuming Alcohol – Alcohol is said as the enemy of the sperm. It directly affects the person’s sperm count.