Six reasons why it is great to have a small penis

Having a small penis makes most of people ‘sad’ but here today we are explaining the good points of having a small penis. I guess most of you mustn’t have thought about it.

Lets get started:

#1 There is a very less chance for your penis to touch the germ-infected bowl when you pee.

#2 With a small penis you can satisfy a woman much better than a person with huge penis (found in a research).

#3 With small penis, you don’t have to think always about the erection in public (Just a thought).

#4 With small penis women who give blow-job to their partner feel comfortable

#5 With small penis, you do not always have to assist your penis with your hands while urinating in public

#6 With small penis, you do not need to adjust your penis to make it at the right place inside the pant.


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