Six incredible reasons why a working man misses his college life

Every guy on this planet who has gone through college life and the working (job) life – knows the difference between these two lives very well.

That’s we have today brought a list of things which explain why people miss their college life after getting into the working life.

Lets get started:

#1 Sleeping Time – Yes, we all love to sleep a lot. And in college we were getting up around 10 in the morning but what about working life, we have to get up around 6 in morning.


#2 Life – During college days, we used to enjoy all the time with friends but after getting job, we started thinking always about work work and work.


#3 Attire – From jeans and t-shirt or any other funny attire to a formal, gentleman’s look


#4 Party – Partying was really a fun in college days, but after getting job, its all about talking and drinking and that all in gentleman’s attire. Hmm


#5 Responsibility – We were free during college days, we used to do whatever we wished to but now we have responsibilities.


#6 Birthday Celebration – Yeah, birthday parties were very exciting during college days but during job days, it became boring.


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