Six hidden features of YouTube, you should know

We all know YouTube as the largest online video library but you know, there are several hidden features which every YouTuber should know.

Well, today we have brought few hidden features of YouTube.

#1 See Videos on Loop – Just right click over the video and select “Loop” and your video will start playing in loop.

#2 Save for Later – You can now save your favourite videos to watch later. Click “Add to” and the check “watch later”.

#3 Use YouTube Only using Keyboard – Just change the URL from to

#4 Keyboard Shortcuts for YouTube Videos – ‘k’ – Play/Pause, ‘i’ – Fast Forward, ‘j’ – Rewind, ‘0’ – to start video again, ‘1 to 9’ – for corresponding percentage. i.e. hit ‘5’ to directly jump to 50% of the video.

#5 Embed Video with specific time – Just add at the end of the video link ‘#t=39s’. Here 39s is time in second. You can change this time.

#6 Convert videos in GIF – Just edit the URL from to

#7 Write “Use the Force Luke” in YouTube search bar and press enter. See the magic.


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