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Six amazing things you can do with a dryer other can drying hairs


Hair dryer would be the most favorite thing of girls but they must know that this device can also be used in several other things rather than only drying hairs.

So Today we have brought six things which you can do using dryer other than drying hairs only.

Let’s get started:

#1 Removing Stickers – Point dryer for few minutes onto the sticker. It eventually eases out the glue and you can easily peel it off.

#2 Fitting your glasses – If you glass isn’t fitting behind you ears then use dryer for some time to heat it up and then bend according to your comfort.

#3 Drying your nail paint – Now using this, you won’t have to wait for long time to let your nail paint dry

#4 Clearing crayon stains – Just heat up the portion and use cleaner then. It will surely clean it from root.

#5 De-Fogging your bathroom mirror – Just use for few minutes on your bathroom mirrors.

#6 For cloths – If you don’t have iron then you can use dryer on your clothes instead